Defense Against Hackers With Real-Time Monitoring

Of the many threats on the internet, hackers are the most dangerous. Viruses and other malicious software must follow built-in instructions to carry out their tasks, hackers face no such limitations. When it comes to private computers, a skilled hacker can make their way into the system and steal data at their leisure without ever being detected. Enterprise computers are more challenging, but not by much. In order to be protected, businesses need a full security plan in place that includes services to prevent hackers from making their way into the system.

Cloud storage is a highly effective method of storing data safely. Not only do the servers rest among various security appliances and run under the supervision or IT professionals with plenty of experience, the cloud drive can also be encrypted. Anything from financial data to internal memos can be stored on cloud drives and made secure against most any kind of virus attack or hacking attempt.

Backup and disaster recovery is vital to any company that stores vital data on hand. Most any kind of attack can be stopped by a full security solution, nut not all attacks. For example, ransomware has become a serious problem for businesses. These kinds of attacks tend to make it through some security solutions and wreak havoc on the system. With a backup and recovery plan, this kind of attack can be stopped in its tracks. More importantly, data can be restored quickly so business operations can go back to normal in hours instead of days.

Real-time monitoring is the only sure-fire defense against hackers. Because antivirus and antimalware software won’t detect hackers, a more thorough method of detection is needed. With the help of trained IT staff members, hacker attacks can be detected as penetration is made. This makes it possible to track movements in the system and see where the attack is coming from. Unlike other security measures that stop an attack after the software has been installed, this method stops the attack before it can be completed. More importantly, this method can stop the same attack from happening again in the future.